NUE Eyewear Founders

NUE EYEWEAR was born in the beginning of 2018 under the impulse of two Casablanca born: Kenza and Margaux.

Kenza, moroccan girl raised in the curiosity of the world, its beauty and different influences, has always been a fashion lover, understanding and embracing the trends with a taste for avant-gardisme.
Margaux, born in Casablanca as well, was raised in Ivory Coast until her 10th year, before coming back to Morocco and started her carrer as an interior architect.

Years later, the two are complementary friends, are linked by the taste of travelling, the love of music and sealed by the passion of design and fashion. This is how, after a few time of thinking, NUE Eyewear sees the day.

NUE, for the french word « naked ». Because this what we say in French: when you forget your precious sunglasses, and feel naked. Because sunglasses are the eyes’ clothes.

NUE, for the sound similar to the novelty ; the « new » vision : Nue faces, Nue style, Nue spirit.

Thereby, NUE Eyewear is an abordable luxury brand for women and men, focused on a very contemporary design, chosen colors, studied materials. The minimalism and sophistication will travel with you from Los Angeles to Marrakech, passing by Tulum, Paris or London.

Welcome to our Nue World.